• Casa Appennino, yellow three story chalet style house, with balconies
  • Cockerel in the garden
  • outdoor dining area with picture of the 'Last Supper' in the background
  • outdoor studio area
  • entrance to the walled garden

Casa Appennino is in the tiny hamlet of Bedogno, 15 minuteswalk from the delightful town of Villa Minozzo, in the foothills of the Appennine Mountains. The nearest airport city is Bologna and we are situated in the Parco Nazionale Gigante (National Park of the Giant) to the south-west of the cities. Three years ago it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site due to the stunning natural beauty of the area (Biosphere reserve) Biosfera Appennino



map of Italy with regions

Emilia Romagna (in violet on the map) borders Tuscany in the north of Italy and is known as the bread basket of Italy mainly because of the massive food production around the Po Valley.


relief map of Italy

In the relief map above find Bologna and Firenze (Florence), which are both in the plains. we are west, left in the mountains.


Map of Emilia Romagna

In the map to the left which is the region of Emilia Romagna, you will see that Reggio nell- Emilia is near the centre. Reggio itself is a lovely city and has high speed train stations where you can go to Florence, Pisa, Venice, Rome etc in 1 - 2 hours.

And here in the mountains of Reggio nell' Emilia, it is referred to as 'the Heart of Italy' because of the friendliness of the people. It is relatively unknown and because of this it is unspoiled by tourism. We feel that this is the 'real' Italy.


A little video about Bologna

Bologna is a lovely city to visit and you may like to take a day before or after your holiday to visit it.

Bologna by Paolo (who offers personalised tours)

FOOD. Food is great in Bologna. It's almost impossible not to enjoy a meal. However some places can be very expensive and aren't really worth it. Those are mainly traps for tourists: avoid everything at the bottom of the two towers in the city center, especially that "restaurant" in that big palace with the arches. And also avoid places in via dell'Indipendenza, for the same reason. I would suggest some neat places where locals go: Osteria dell'Orsa, È cucina, Trattoria San Felice, Mercato di Mezzo, La Prosciutteria. You can find details by clicking on each name.
It's maybe too late for icecream, but Il Gelatauro is one of the best gelaterias in Bologna.
Pay a visit to the Duomo in the main square, totally worth it. Second biggest church in Italy after San Pietro in Vatican City.
The cathedral is as awesome, right at the beginning of via dell'Indipendenza, coming from the main square.
If you feel up to it and the skies are clear, climb the tower and enjoy the view.
In this church, San Domenico, there is a hidden treasure by a young Michelangelo.
The Pinacoteca Nazionale is the national museum of art, featuring lots of pictures from yore (Giotto, Masaccio) until the Carracci brothers and the Renaissance; there's usually a conjoined modern art exhibition.
This is a secret view of... Venice! :-)
Also the park behind your hotelis very nice in autumn.
Take a look at this wonderful courtyard.
The Church of Saint Francis is a gothic masterpiece.
Lovely alleys in the old Jewish Ghetto.
This seven-church complex is huge and amazing, featuring the ruins of a Roman basilica (more than 1000 years old!) and a beautiful cloister.
The Giardini Margherita is the biggest park in town. Worth a visit, especially with all the colours of autumn.
When you're close to the station, pay a visit to this insanely beautiful church.
And, last but not least, this is the House of Morandi. It's rarely open to the public, so I hope you're lucky.